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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 12 September 2000
LocationCommittee Room 1 at the Salford Civic Centre, Swinton

Please note the new starting time for the meeting

Item Subject
1Record of the meeting held on 29th August, 2000
Record of Business
2Secondary Schools Places Review (The Options Document is on the Internet)
Secondary Schools Review
32001/02 Revenue Budget Consultation, as follows:-
3aConsultation Policy
Consultation Policy
3bIssues Report
Appendix to Issues Report
Issues Report
3cBudget Strategy - Corporate Services Discussion Paper
4Environmental Scrutiny Committee - Best Value Review of Property (This is a lengthly document. Members are advised not to print it out)
Best Value Review of Property - Report
Best Value Review of Property - Appendices10-14
Best Value Review of Property - Appendices1-9
5Development of Council's Call Centre
Development of the Council's Call Centre
6Truancy Initiative
Truancy Initiative
7Servicing and Maintenance of Low Temperature Hot Water Fan - Tender
Servicing and maintenance of Low Temperature Hot Water Fan - Tenders
8Local Index of Deprivation, 2000
Local Index of Deprivation, 2000
9Distribution of Cabinet Papers
Security/Access to Information
10Report of the Budget Committee
Report of Budget Committee
11A Wheelchair Service for Salford
Wheelchair Service for Salford
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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