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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 13 April 2004
LocationCommittee Room 4 , Salford Civic Centre , Chorley Road , Swinton.
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Membership of the Community Committee

Since the last meeting Bob Docherty of the Swinton and Pendlebury Anglers has joined the Committee.
3Minutes of the meeting held on 10th February ,2004
Mins of 100204
4Matters arising
5Changes to the Structure of the Salford Division of the Greater Manchester Police

Chief Superintendent Brian Wroe will make a presentation on this subject.
Presentation : restructure of the Police Service in Salford
6Arts in Swinton

Paul Mayers , Arts Officer for Swinton , will report on the activites which the Committee funded under the Swinton XS Project and seek opinions from Members on activites which might be introduced in the future.
7Budget Sub Group

To consider the recommendations made by the Budget Sub Group at their meeting on 30th March, 2004
Budget Sub 300304
8Items for Information

(a) GMPTA Local Transport Bulletin : a copy of the Spring Bulletin is enclosed.

(b) The Neighbourhood Co-Ordinator will make a verbal report on the River Valley Credit Union.
9Any Other Business
10Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Committee will be the AGM and it is scheduled for 8th June , 2004. However, as the Local Elections have been delayed by a month the representatives of the Council will not be determined by that date. The Committee is asked to consider , therefore, deferring its next meeting by one week and holding it at 7pm on 15th June , 2004.
Contact officer Dave Cunningham
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3008
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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