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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateWednesday 14 January 2004
LocationA Committee Room at Salford Civic Centre, Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Declarations of interest
A1Minutes of the meeting held on 17th December, 2003
Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held on 17th December, 2003
A2District Auditor's Annual Letter
Annual Audit Letter
A3Health Inequalities Strategy
Health Inequalities Strategy in Salford
A4Pledge 4 - A Safer Salford
Pledge 4 - A Safer Salford
A5Ward Boundary Changes - Community Committees
Ward Boundary Review and Community Committees
A6North West Learning Grid
North West Learning Grid
A7Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme for Teachers
VER Teachers
Early Retirement Scheme - School Based Teachers
A8Trading Standards Service Delivery Plan
Trading Standards Service Delivery Plan
Action Plan
Trading Standards Structure
Action Plan
Consumer Survey
Business Survey
Results of Needs Analysis Survey
Action Plan
Action Plan
Introduction and Contents
Authority Structure
Action Plan
Action Plan
Consumer Survey
Business Survey
Programmed Visits
Action Plan
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