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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 19 September 2000
LocationCommittee Room 1 Salford Civic Centre Swinton

Members are requested to bring with them to the meeting the consultation paper sent to them on 11th August regarding the review of the Public Sector Ombudsman and any comments they may have on the matter

Item Subject
1Record of the Meeting held on12th September, 2000
Record of Cabinet Business 12th September,2000
2Towards a Three Year Budget Strategy - Positive Programme For Change
Three Year Budget Strategy
3Fuel Crisis - Emergency Planning
4Draft Regional Planning Guidance for the North West
Draft Regional Planning Guidance for the North West
5Local Agenda 21 Strategy
Local Agenda 21 Executive Summary
Local Agenda 21 Strategy
6Building on Success - Developing a Community Charter
Developing a Community Charter
7Establishing a Leisure Trust
Leisure Trust Appendix A
Leisure Trust Appendix C
Leisure Trust
Leisure Trust Appendix B
8Report of the Special Educational Needs Commission
Special Educational Needs Commission
9Management Partnership Agreement with ALMA, Lower Broughton
Management Partnership Agreement with ALMA
10Review of Public Sector Ombudsman
11Eccles Town Centre Redevelopment
Eccles Town Centre Redevelopment
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