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Meetings for Ordsall and Langworthy Community Committee

DateTuesday 6 April 2004
LocationWrotham Close Community Room, Westerham Avenue (off Liverpool Road)
Item Subject
2Minuters of meeting held on 3rd February, 2004
3rd February, 2004
3Matters arising
4Development Framework for Ordsall
Development Framework for Ordsall
5Ordsall Hall Coservation Proposals
Ordsall Hall Conservation Proposals
6Langworthy Update
7Boundary Changes
8New Committee Arrangements
9Neighbourhood Management
10Short Film - "One of the Lads The Story of Salford Lad's Club"
11aDecisions of the Budget Sub Group 27th February and 26th March, 2004
Budget Group Decisions 26th March, 2004
11bFinancial Position Statement as at 22nd March, 2004
Financial Position Statement 22/3/04
12Information Exchange/Good News Stories
13Any other business
14Date of next meeting - Tuesday 15th June, 2004
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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