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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 3 October 2000
LocationA Committee Room at Salford Civic Centre, Swinton

Please note that this is the monthly Members only meeting and will commence at the rising of the normal meeting of the Cabinet.

Item Subject
1SOLAR System Update - Cr. Antrobus
2A Vision for Salford 2020 - Cr. Sheehy
3A Strategy for the Implementation of Agenda 21 - Cr. Sheehy
4Local Communities - Landfill Tax Credit Scheme - Cr. Sheehy
5The Greening of All Council Fleet Vehicles - Electric or LPG - Cr. Sheehy
6How can we Direct More Money to Repair School Buildings - Cr. Sheehy
7Training All Our Staff in Customer Service Skills - Cr. Sheehy
8Education for the 21st Century - What Do We Want From Our Schools - Cr. Sheehy
9Training of Our Managers to Manage in the 21st Century - Cr. Sheehy
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