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Meetings for Licensing Regulatory Panel

DateThursday 23 September 2004
LocationSalford Civic Centre Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Declarations of Interest
3Consideration of Items in Part I and II
4Minutes of meeting held on 26th August, 2004
26th August, 2004
5Charitable Collections Permits Issued
Charitable Coleection Permits Issued (23/9/04)
6Application for an Annual Public Entertainments Licence
Application for Annual Public Entertainment Licence (23/9/04)
7Application to Vary an Existing Public Entertainments Licence
Variation to an Existing Public Entertainments Licence (23/9/04)
8Alcohol Related Incidents at Premises that Hold Public Entertainments Licences
Alcohol Related Incidents at Premises that Hold Public Entertainment Licences
9Licencing Act 2003 - Update
Licensing Act 2003 - Update
10Request for Increase in Hackney Carriage Fares
Request for Increase in Hackney Cariage Fares
11Unmet Demand for Hackney Carriages - Survey (to follow)
Unmet Demand for Hackney Carriages
12Any other business (Part 1)
13Exclusion of the Public
15Any other business (Part 2)
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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