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Meetings for Worsley and Boothstown Community Committee

DateWednesday 22 September 2004
LocationBoothstown Community Centre, Standfield Drive, Worsley.
Item Subject
1Aplogies for Absence.
2To agree, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on 21st July, 2004.
Minutes of the Community Committee held on 21st July 2004.
3To approve the appointment of Mr. B. Boyd as a member of the committee represesenting Greenway.
4To consider the Community Committee Action Sheet.
Action Sheet arising from 21st July 2004.
5Community Issues.
6Neighbourhood Management in Worsley.
7Young Peoples Forum/ Youth Issues - Update.
8Community Action Plan - Identification of Priorities.
9To agree the recommentdations of the Budget Sub Group and note the Financial Position Statement.
10Appointment of Community Safety Task Group.
11Any other Business.
12Minutes of the Political Executive meetings held on 9th August and 13th September, 2004.
Minutes of the Political Executive held on 13thSeptember, 2004.
Minutes of the Political Executive held on 9th August,2004.
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