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Meetings for Council Meeting

DateWednesday 19 January 2005
LocationThe Council Chamber, Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road ,Swinton

Members are requested to ensure that their mobile telephones are switched off during the Council meeting. APPENDED, FOR INFORMATION, ARE - (a) List of Lead Member Decisions; (b)Minutes of Cabinet; (c) Minutes of Regulatory Panels; (d) Minutes of Community Committees; and (e) Scrutiny Committee Action Sheets.

Item Subject
2Apologies for Absence
3Declarations of Interest
4Mayor's Citizens Award
5Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th December, 2004
Mins of 151204
6Receipt of petitions/communications
7Nomination for the Office of Mayor for 2005/06 - Councillor Hunt will be proposed by Councillor Christine Hudson and seconded by Councillor Keith Mann with support from Councillors Karen Garrido and Norman Owen
8Nomination for the Office of Deputy Mayor for 2005/06 - Councillor B P Murphy will be proposed by Councillor John Merry and seconded by Councillor Karen Garrido with support from Councillor Norman Owen ,
9Urban Vision Partnership : Development Services Joint Venture Company
Development Services Joint Venture Company
10Strategic Review of Governance - Appointment of Deputy Directors
Appointment of Deputy Directors
11Questions and Comments on the discharge of functions of the undermentioned authorities and bodies to be answered by the Members indicated : (a) Fire and Civil Defence - Councillor Wilson., (b) Passenger Transport - Councillor Warner, (c)Police - Councillor Connor, (d) Waste Disposal - Councillor Lancaster and ( e)Outside Bodies - Appropriate Councillors.

In addition Councillor Wilson will present the enclosed report giving a brief overview on current issues concerning Fire and Civil Defence ( including the control centre matter which Councillor Norman Owen raised at the December meeting - Minute 102 ( a ) refers. )
Fire Authority points of interest and current activities at local, county and regional levels.
12General Questions and Comments to Lead Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios, including the cross-cutting issues shown in brackets. Members may refer to any matter contained in the appendices to this agenda.

(a) Councillor Merry -Leader of the Council (Neighbourhood Management; Communications and Marketing; Strategic Overview; Regeneration Matters; Policy; Performance and Best Value)

(b)Councillor Lancaster -Deputy Leader of the Council (Community Safety;Service Reviews; Crime and Disorder; Electoral Matters; Targets and Pledges; Property; Customer Focus; Waste Disposal)

(c)Councillor Mann -Education Services

(d)Councillor Connor -Housing

(e)Councillor M. Lea -Environment

(f)Councillor Antrobus-Planning

Councillor Warmisham -Children and Youth (Asylum Seekers and Refugees)

(h)Councillor Sheehy - Community Health and Social Care

(i)Councillor Warner-Culture and Sport (j) Councillor Hinds -Customer and Support Services (Implementation of the Gershon Report)
13Issues for the Chairs of Scrutiny Committees
14Amendments to the Council Constitution
proposed amendments to the Council Constitution 190105
15Notice of Motion

Proposed by Councillor Merry and seconded by Councillor Lancaster.
Notice of Motion 190105

(a) Arising from the resignation of Councillor Slater (i) there is a vacancy for a Labour Member on the Strategy and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee and (ii ) it will be necessary to appoint a Chair for that Scrutiny Committee

(b) New Prospect Housing Limited : Appointment of Parent Board Members
Appointment of NPHL Parent Board Members 2005
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