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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 14 June 2005
LocationCommittee Room 4 , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road , Swinton

1. An electronic version of this agenda is available on the Salford City Council website : <br><br>2. Large print copies of the papers contained in this agenda are available ; Members requiring such documents are asked to give notice in advance of the meeting .<br><br>3. Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.Those Members who serve on the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel are reminded of the need to preserve their role as impartial decisionmakers by discussing planning applications only at meetings of that Panel<br><br>4. This meeting will fulfil the procedural requirements of the Annual General Meeting

Item Subject
1Election Of Chairman

During 2004/05 a Community Representative - Norman Shacklady - was Chairman of the Committee
2Election of Deputy Chairman

During 2003/04 the Link Member - Councillor Cullen - was Deputy Chairman of the Committee.
3Membership of the Committee

Details of the Community representatives who are entitled to vote are enclosed along with the names of the Ward Councillors
4Membership of the Swinton Executive Group

The Committee is asked to confirm the membership of the Swinton Executive Group for 2005/06. In 2004/05 the following served on the Group :
Community Representatives : Chair of the Community Committee ( Norman Shacklady) and Bob Docherty
Ward Councillors : Councillor Cullen ( Swinton South ) , Councillor Bill Hinds (Swinton North ) and Councillor Maureen Lea ( Pendlebury )
Partnership Organisations : Helen Barker ( Groundwork Salford and Trafford ) , Gary Dewar ( Fire Service ) , Inspector Julie Hughes ( GMP ) and Helen Kelly / Charmaine Eckersley ( PCT)
Officers : Area Co-Ordinator ( Chair ) and Neighbourhood Manager
5Dates of meetings

If the past pattern of meetings is followed the Committee will meet at 7pm on the following Tuesdays :9th August , 2005, 11th October, 2005, 13th December, 2005 , 14th February , 2006 and 11th April ,2006.

However, a number of Members have already given notice that they will be on holiday when the August meeting of the Committee is due to be held. Members are asked , therefore, to consider deferring that meeting by one month to Tuesday , 13th September , 2005, and to agree the other dates as suggested .
6Apologies for Absence
7Management of the Meeting

So as to make sure that sufficient time is allowed for all items to be discussed Members are asked to indicate , by show of hands , if they wish to raise any items of additional business towards the end of the meeting .

In view of the large number of substantial items on the agenda Members and officers are asked to try and limit the time on each item to no more than 15 minutes .
8Minutes of Proceedings

To approve, as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 12th April , 2005
Appendix to 120405 ( BSG)
Mins of 120405
9Matters Arising

(a) Minute 93 refers - The Community Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee have created a Sub Group to look at the "Access to Primary Care in Salford", Because of the potential size of the issue, the Group has agreed to focus on the access to general practitioners.This work is expected to last 6 months. The Group has already co-opted members of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum.The Group will maintain an overview of the issue and its recommendations will be directed at the whole service,. However , the Group is aware of particular problems in a small number of practices across Salford.In fact, in its initial discussion , Members of the Patients Forum highlighted the problems to which Councillor McIntyre referred and have done some work on the issue. Specific problems, such as this will be considered by the Group and raised with representatives of the Primary Care Trust. By highlighting issues in this way it is hoped that progress can be made and improvements secured.

(b)Minute 96 refers- Arrangements have been made for the meeting of the Committee on 11th October , 2005, to be held at the Swinton High School .
10Procedures for Reporting Crime

Detective Inspector Bob Ashton will attend for this item
11Proposed Development of a Magistrates' Court in Swinton

The Committee will receive details of the application for planning permission to devlop a Magistrates' Court in Swinton .
12Newlands/ Coalfield Projects

Tim Jones , Principal Planner (Environment and Projects ) , will give an update so as to assist the Committee in monitoring progress on these projects .
13Review of the Housing Allocations Policy

Salford City Council is seeking opinions upon a proposal to introduce Choice-Based Lettings in Salford
CBL Review
14Transport Capital Programme 2005/06

Report enclosed.
Block 3 Transport Prog
Appendix to Block 3 TP
15Swinton Festival / Fun Fair

Members may wish to report on their participation in the Swinton Festival / Fun Fair organised by the Beechfield Residents' Association on 20th - 23rd May , 2005
16Budget Sub - Group

(a)To consider the recommendations made by the Budget Sub Group at their meeting on 7th June 2005.

(b)To note the financial statement .

(c)To consider re-appointing the Budget Sub Group for 2005/06.In 2004/05 the following Members served on the Budget Sub Group :
Pendlebury Ward - Councillor B.J. Lea and Christine Sigurnjak
Swinton North Ward - Councillor Dawson and Norman Shacklady
Swinton South Ward - Councillor Cullen and Marlene Goode .
Budget Sub 070605
17Items for Information

(a)Newsletter of Partners in Salford

(b)Summer Programme for Events in Victoria Park

(c)Salford Carers Forum Event .

(d)GMPTA Update

(e)Grants for Home Insulation - enclosed are details of how Swinton residents can have their homes insulated at reduced cost .

(f) Members are asked to be aware of the attached description of a bogus caller operating in the area.

(g)Salford Live - enclosed are details of events in which Members may wish to participate .

(h)Stand Up for Salford - enclosed are details of a campaign by the Manchester Evening News to promote a positive image of Salford
Salford Carers Forum Event
GMPTA Update
Bogus caller
Stand Up for Salford
Partners in Salford Newsletter
Summer Events in Victoria Park
Insulation Grants
Salford Live
18Date of Next Meeting

To be held at 7pm on Tuesday , 13th September , 2005 . Members wishing to submit any items for inclusion in the agenda for that meeting are asked to complete and return the attached form to the Neighbourhood Manager by 30th August , 2005.
Presentation proforma
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