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Meetings for Housing Lead Members Briefing

DateFriday 16 March 2001
LocationTurnpike House
Item Subject
1Minutes of Meeting held on 16th February, 2001
2Haysbrook Ave
Haysbrook Avenue
3Jennings, Tamworth & Knowsley Street
Jennings/Tamworth & Knowsley Streets
4Corporation Public House
Corporation Public House
5Floral Court
Floral Court
660 Whittle Street
60 Whittle St
7268 Trafford Rd
268 Trafford Road
8158 Cromwell Rd
158 Cromwell Rd
9102 Brookhouse Ave
102 Brookhouse Ave
10Kemball House
Kemball House
11Hanover Court
Hanover Court
12Barton Grange
Barton Grange
134 & 6 Drake Ave
4 & 6 Drake Ave
1444 Pegwell Drive
44 Pegwell Drive
15Oxford St
Oxford St
16Barton Lane/ Park St
Barton Lane/Park St
1712/12a Seaford Rd
12/12a Seaford Rd
18Sale of Council Owned Dwellings
19Walter Greenwood Court
Walter Greenwood Court
20Langworthy & Seedley Initiative
Seedley & Langworthy Initiative
21122 Broughton Lane
122 Broughton Lane
2215 Southway
15 Southway, Eccles
232 Lucy St.
2 Lucy St
24Hampshire St/Wiltshire ST Initiative
Hampshire/Wiltshire St Initiative
2530-43 Rockley Gardens
30-43 Rockley Gardens
26Eccles Energy Conservation Area
Eccles Conservation Area
27Future Management of Acquired Dwellings
Future Management of Acquired Dwellings
283 The Polygon
3 The Polygon, Eccles
2912 Yew St
12 Yew St, Salford
322 Cliff Grange
2 Cliff Grange, Salford 7
33Houses in Multiple Occupation
Management Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation
34Private Sector Houses
Empty Private Sector Houses
35Homeswap Pilot
Homeswap Pilot
36Strategy Division Workload
Srategy Division Workload
37Intergrated Housing Investment Programme 2001/02
Integrated Housing Investment Programme 2001/2
Integrated Housing Investment Programme 2001/02
38Former Tenant Arrears
Former Tenant Arrears
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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