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Meetings for Housing Lead Members Briefing

DateFriday 27 April 2001
LocationTurnpike House
Item Subject
1Minutes of Meeting held on 30th March, 2001
30th March, 2001
211-15 Devon Road, Cadishead
11-15 Devon Rd, Cadishead
349 Rydal Crescent, Walkden
49 Rydal Crescent, Walkden
4127 Old Clough Lane, worsley
127 Old Clough Lane, Worsley
564 Ash Grove, Walkden
64 Ash Grove, Walkden
64 Spruce Court, Salford 6
4 Spruce Court, Salford 6
7Cheshill Court, Salford 8
Cheshill Court, Salford 8
83 Birch Drive, Pendlebury
3 Birch Drive, Pendlebury
9Tiger Moth Square, Irlam - Environmental Improvements
Tiger Moth Sq, Irlam - Tenders
Tiger Moth Sq, Irlam - Environmental Improvements
Tiger Moth Sq, Irlam - Design Service
10Vacant Sites in Lower Broughton
Vacant Sites Lower Broughton
16Salford Foyer (for info only)
Salford Foyer
17Private Sector Empty Property Statistics (for info only)
Private Sector Empty Property Statistics
18Private Sector Housing Grant Regulations (for info only)
Private Sector Housing Grants
19350 Great Clowes Street, Higher Broughton (for info only)
350 Great Clowes Street
20Workload for Development of Housing Strategy ( for info only)
Development of Housing Strategy
22Cliffside Properties
Cliffside Properties
234 Albert Road
4 Albert Road
24The Polygon
The Polygon
25Claremont, Weaste and Seedley SDA Urban Regeneration Strategy
Claremont , Weaste & Seedley SDA Urban Regeneration Strategy
262001 HIP Guidance
2001 HIP Guidance
27Homeswap Pilot
Homeswap Pilot
28Seedley South Environmental Works
Seedley South Environmental Works
29Rear Fencing - 1 to 16 Knowsley Green (verbal report)
30Arms Length Housing Management
31Pilot Burglar Alarm Initiative (to be tabled)
32Performance Indicators Information
PI Graph 4
PI Graph 6
PI Graph 8
PI Graph 10
PI Graph 1
PI Graph 2
PI Graph 3
PI Graph 5
PI Graph 7
PI Graph 9
33Demolition of 69-91 Cedar Place, Spike Island
69-91 Cedar Place, Spike Island
34Asylum Seekers Update
Henley Ave, Irlam
37Dates of Future Meetings
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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