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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 13 September 2005
LocationCommittee Room 4 , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road , Swinton

1. An electronic version of this agenda is available on the Salford City Council website : <br><br>2. Large print copies of the papers contained in this agenda are available ; Members requiring such documents are asked to give notice in advance of the meeting .<br><br>3. Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item<br><br>4. In view of the number of items on the agenda please limit the time taken to make presentations and respond to questions to no more than 10 minutes

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence have been submitted by Norman Shacklady and Councillor Warner .In the absence of Mr Shacklady the Link Member , Councillor Cullen , will take the Chair .
2Management of the Meeting

So as to make sure that sufficient time is allowed for all items to be discussed Members are asked to indicate , by show of hands , if they wish to raise any items of additional business towards the end of the meeting .
3Policing Issues

Arrangements have been made for Neighbourhood Police Inspectors , or their nominated Sergeants, to attend each meeting of the Community Committee to hear , and respond directly to , concerns raised by the community, Councillors or Council officers . This will be the first item on future agenda after which the officers will return to policing the neighbourhoods . It should be appreciated that operational requirements may occasionally prevent the attendance of officers.

Enclosed with the agenda are details of the Public Voice on Policing meeting which will be held at 7pm on Wednesday , 28th September , 2005, in the Swinton Library and will be adressed by Superintendent Alison Fletcher , Acting Divisonal Commander.
4Membership of the Committee

Since the last meeting Stewart A. Thompson has joined the Committee as a representative of the PACE
5Minutes of Proceedings

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 14th June , 2005
Mins of meeting held on 140605
Appendix to mins of 140605
6Matters Arising

(a) At the meeting on 12th April , 2005, the Committee agreed to fund the establishment of a Detached Team of Youth Workers . Members of this Team have now been appointed and will be present to introduce themselves.

(b)Local Health Issues an update on the matters referred to in Minute 9 is set out in the enclosed note
The Salford PCT is seeking opinions on a proposal to transfer the Tims and Parker Pharmacy from Moorside Road to premises at 7 The Parade on Swinton Precinct . Any comments made at the meeting will be conveyed to the PCT.

(c)Minute 12 refers : At their meeting on 7th July , 2005, the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel refused the application for planning permission to erect a magistrates court ( together with associated service yard and car parking ) on land to the rear of Salford Civic Centre, off Partington Lane, Swinton, as it was considered that the development would have an unacceptable impact on traffic and highway safety.
PCT Consultation
Key to PCT map
M/A 140605: Medical update
Map for PCT Consultation
7Tackling Health Inequalities

Angela McLeod , Health Improvment Officer , will make a presentation
8Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust

The Committee will be given an update on the application to become an NHS Trust
NHS Trust 130905
9Clifton Country Park : Proposed Local Nature Reserve

The Committee will receive a presentation from Jo Regan , Local Nature Reserve Officer and Anne Surtees , Senior Ranger .
Clifton Country Park Proposed Local Nature Reserve
10Beech Farm Playing Fields : drainage

The Committee will be given details of a proposed scheme for a new land drainage system to the grass football pitches at the Beech Farm Playing Fields to increase their availability for use during the playing season and allow also the number of pitches to be increased to four 11- a - side pitches and nine mini - soccer pitches which was approved by the Lead Member for Environmental Services at her Briefing on 17th August , 2005.
11Newlands/LIVIA Projects

Tim Jones , Principal Planner (Environment and Projects ) , will give an update so as to assist the Committee in monitoring progress on these projects .
LIVIA rpt 130905
12Coalfield Communities Campaign

Anne Parkes - Groundwork Manchester, Salford and Trafford - will give an update so as to assist the Committee in monitoring progress on projects under this Campaign .
13Private Sector Renewal Assistance Policy

David Heaney, Principal Officer for Housing Market Renewal, will report on this item
Private Sector Renewal Assistance Policy
14Budget Sub - Group

(a)To note the decisions made , under the authority delegated at the June meeting , by the Budget Sub Group at their meeting on 26th July 2005, and to consider any recommendations made by the Sub Group at their meeting on 23rd August , 2005.

(b)To note the financial statement .

(c) Pendlebury Coyotes - Details will be given of the success of the Coyotes in the World Amateur Inline Roller Hockey Championships which the Committee helped to fund . The Team came second in the European Cup held in the Sheffield Arena , won the Portland cup and came second in the play-offs for the Amateur Championships , having beaten the Great Britain and England Teams

The Committee is asked to note that Councillor Cullen has declared an interest in the application submitted by the Salford Community Radio

Copies of the latest issue of the newsletter of the Swinton Open Space Community Assocation , which was funded by the Budget Sub Group , will be available at the meeting .
Budget Sub 230805
Budget Sub 260705
Financila statement 130905
15Community Action Plan : Prize Draw

As part of the consultation exercise on the CAP participants were invited to take part in a prize draw by stating their priorites for inclusion in the Plan . The Chair will be asked to draw the winning entry .
16Items for Information

(a) Review of all polling stations within Swinton - copy of report circulated with the minutes of the last meeting enclosed for information

(b) ON In Salford - the guide to local events - is no longer distributed to every household in the city . The Committee may, however, have copies distributed with their agenda papers but should appreciate that the publication date of the guide may not always co-incide with the dispatch date so the information in the former may become out-dated.

(c) Partners IN Salford - the second issue of the newsletter will be available at the meeting .

(d) Green Flag Award - the Committee is asked to note that Victoria Park has received the Green Flag Award .

(e)Funding for Community Groups - enclosed are details of information sessions on projects which can be funded by the Local Network Fund
Partners IN Salford newsletter issue 2
Funding for Community Groups
review of all polling stations within Swinton
Green Flag award
17Any Other Business

(a) Community Representatives may raise any issues of concern to their area or group

(b) Ward Councillors may raise any item not already covered .

So as to ensure that decisions can be taken at the meeting Members are asked to notify items - especially costs - in advance on telephone 793-3008
18Date of Next Meeting

To be held at 7pm on Tuesday , 11th October, 2005 . Members are asked to note that this will be a special meeting to be held at the Swinton High School and , in addition to presentations from the school , will concentrate on the Swinton Community Action Plan.

The formulation of the CAP will give the Committee the opportunity to draw attention to issues in Swinton which Members feel are too large a scale to be funded under the Devolved Budget and should , instead , be met from the Council's overall budget . At the time of agenda preparation the arrangements for consultation on the budget for 2006/07 have not been finalised . It is likely , however, that each Member will receive an individual questionnaire on the subject . There will be also a number of public meetings on the subject ; one is provisonally scheduled for 6pm on 26th October , 2005 , at the Salford Civic Centre.
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