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Meetings for Eccles Community Committee

DateTuesday 27 September 2005
LocationEccles Library, Church Street, Eccles

Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Minutes of meeting held on 26th July, 2005
26th July, 2005
3Policing Issues
4Youth Activities Summer 2005 Programme
Holiday Sport and Activity Programme - Summer 2005
5Eccles LIFT Scheme
6Eccles Community Action Plan 2006
Eccles Community Action Plan 2006
7Magistrate Recruitment
8Private Sector Renewal Assistance Policy
Private Sector Renewal Assistance Policy
9aRecommendations of meeting of Eccles Budget Group held on 16th Septemebr, 2005
Financial Position Statement 2005/06 (27/9/05)
9bFinancial Position Statement
Financial Position Statement 2005/06 (27/9/05)
10Community Issues raised prior to the meeting
11Chat Moss
Chat Moss- Update(27/9/05)
12Any other business
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