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Meetings for Customer and Support Services Lead Member Briefing

DateMonday 19 December 2005
LocationOffice of the Strategic Director of Customer and Support Services

Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.

Item Subject
1Declarations of Interest
2Minutes of Briefing
Minutes of 12th December, 2005
3Items Included in the Forward Plan
4Items Not Included in the Forward Plan
5Other Decisions
5aSundry Debtor Writing-off (Part 2 Item)
Sundry Debtor Writing-off (Appendices)
Sundry Debtor Writing-off
5bException to Contractual Standing Orders
Exception to Contractual Standing Orders - Map
Exception to Contractual Standing Orders
6Other Business - Part 1 including the following:-
6aImplementing Electronic Government
Implementing Electronic Government
6bCapital Expenditure
6cMaria Roberts (ICT trainer) - Visit to Uganda (oral)
7Other Business - Part 2 (No Items)
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