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Meetings for East Salford Community Committee

DateThursday 23 November 2006
LocationThe Broughton Database, Camp Street, Salford

Elected Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a predudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence.
2Code of Conduct.
3To agree, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on 28th September, 2006.
Minutes of the meeting held on 28th September, 2006
4To note that Action Sheet arising from the meeting.
5Financial Matters.
5aBudget Sub-Group.
5bHighways Budget - Update
6Neighbourhood Surgeries
7The Salford Agreement - Improving Salford Together
8Community Issues
9Policing Update (Members will have the opportunity to raise isssues with Inspector Findlow, prior to the meeting)
10Cyclone Project.
11Any other business
12To note that the next meeting will be held on Thursday, 25th January, 2007.
13aChairman's Report (To be circulated at the meeting)
13bBudget Consultation 2007 / 2008
Contact officer Lynne Slamon
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3007
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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