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Meetings for Community, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

DateTuesday 14 March 2006
LocationCllassroom 2, Worthington House, Hope Hospital

NB. This meeting will follow the site visit for members of the committee commencing at 11.00am

Item Subject
1Public question time.
2Apologies for absence.
3Do Members have an interest to declare in any of the agenda items?
4Learning Difficulty Inspection Report.
Learning Difficulty Inspection Report
Progress on action plan
5Public Health Update.
Public Health update
6Delayed Transfers of Care - update report.
Delayed Transfers of Care - Update report
7Pallaiative Care
Palliative Care
8Best Value Report on Disability Services.
Progress on implementation plan
Best Value Report on Disability Services
9Action sheet
Action sheet
10Work Programme
Work Programme
11Forward Plan
12Any Other Business
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