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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 10 October 2006
LocationThe Swinton High School , Sefton Road, Swinton

1. Please note that this meeting will be held at theSwinton High School<br><br> 2. An electronic version of this agenda is available on the Salford City Council website : <br><br>3. Large print copies of the papers contained in this agenda are available ; Members requiring such documents are asked to give notice in advance of the meeting .<br><br>4. Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.<br><br>5. Please turn off all mobile phones.

Item Subject
1This meeting will be held at the Swinton High School , a specialist College for the Performing Arts . Since the last visit by the Committee Swinton High has continued to improve. In 2006 pupils achieved 65% 5A*-C grades. This was the Fifth successive year of GCSE A*-C grade improvements, the Fourth successive year of "Best Ever" 5A*-C grades and the second successive year that the school will be a member of the elite Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Most Improved Schools Club.

Rather than repeat the tour of the school which the Committee received during their last visit pupils will demonstrate their skills by greeting the Committee on arrival with selections of light music .

John Biddlestone , headteacher , and pupils will meet with the Committee for informal discussions on relevant topics such as examination results and the implications for the Swinton High School of the Building Schools for the Future Programme ( item 7 below refers )

At the conclusion of the discussions the Committee will commence the formal agenda items .
Map to Swinton High
2Apologies for Absence
3Management of the Meeting

So as to make sure that sufficient time is allowed for all items to be discussed Members are asked to indicate , by show of hands , if they wish to raise any items of additional business towards the end of the meeting .
4Policing Issues
5Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd August , 2006
Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd August , 2006
6Matters Arising

(a) Minute 22 refers : the Committee may wish to consider appointing Elected Members to serve on the SOSCA Steering Committee . Councillors Antrobus and Val Burgoyne , respectively Lead Member for Planning and Ward Councillor , have volunteered .

(b)Minute 23 refers : It is hoped that the recommendations of the Environmental Task Group arising from their meeting on 5th October , 2006, will be available to help the Committee prepare a prioritised list of projects which might be funded under the devolved Highways Investment programme.
7Building Schools for the Future

The Committee will receive details of, and be consulted upon , a substantial allocation for schools which Salford City Council has received under the Building Schools for the Future Programme.
BSF Brochure
8Bolton , Salford & Trafford Mental Health NHS Trust - Foundation Trust Application

Members will be given details of , and invited to express views on , the Trust's application to become an NHS Foundation Trust with - in particular highlighting the potential benefits for, and impact upon , the Salford public
Application to become an NHS Foundation Trust
9Swinton Community Action Plan

The Neighbourhood Manager will circulate , and report on, an update of the CAP
10Budget Sub - Group.

(a)To consider any recommendations made by the Budget Sub Group at their meeting on 2nd October, 2006,

(b)To note the financial statement .
Budget Sub 021006
11Items for Information
(a)Enclosed are details of the Future use of the Buile Hill Mansion Site . They are included in the agenda for information as it is considered that Buile Hill Park is a City Park under the Parks for People Strategy and , therefore, its future of interest to all the City.Copies of associated reports and decision notices are available upon request .Elected Members are reminded that the Code of Conduct requires that , so as to preserve their roles as impartial decision makers in any planning application which may be submitted, they should not take part in any discussion on this matter
(b)The August issue of the Swinton Open Space CA Newsletter is enclosed.
(c)Enclosed are details of ' HandyVan' - a home support service from Help the Aged. Trained HandyVan fitters can install security equipment, change locks and check windows, helping you feel safer in your home. Members are asked to consider if they would like a full presentation to a future meeting
(d)Members should note that the Clifton Library will close for essential building works and improvements on Monday , 16th October and re-open on Monday 20th November, 2006 . Customers can use any other Salford Library during this period.
(e)Enclosed are details of the outcome of drainage works at Beech Farm Playing Fields
(f)Enclosed are details of the Shaping Health and Social Care event to be held later this month
(g)Enclosed are details of Community RePaint - a scheme to donate paint to community groups
(h)The latest issue of the Swinton Newsletter , together with details of projects such as Community Transport , will be available at the meeting .
(i)The Lledr Hall Outdoor Education Centre has provided activities for young people for some time and now hopes to offer its services to the wider community . Members are encouraged to consider using the facilities described in the attached note.
Future use of the Buile Hill Mansion Site
Handy Van
Shaping Health and Social Care event
Lledr Hall and community development pt1
sosca newsletter
Beech Farm Playing Fields
Details of a scheme to donate paint to community groups
Lledr Hall and community development pt 2
12Any Other Business

(a) Community Representatives may raise any issues of concern to their area or group

(b) Ward Councillors may raise any item not already covered .

So as to ensure that decisions can be taken at the meeting Members are asked to notify items - especially costs - in advance on telephone 793-3008
AOB 10/10/06 : SCL Equity Plan
13Date Of Next Meeting

The Committee will next meet at 6pm on Tuesday , 12th December , 2006 .
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