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Meetings for Community, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

DateWednesday 28 June 2006
LocationCommittee Room 2

NB There will be a pre-meeting for members in the committee room at 1.30pm.

Item Subject
1Public question time.
2Apologies for absence.
3Do Members have an interest to declare in any of the Agenda items?
4Older person's Strategy.
5Proposals for service redesign of Older people's Services (Mental Health)
Proposals for Service redesign of Older People's Services (Mental Health)
6Action Sheet from previous meetings (20 April and 18 May)
Action sheet from 18th May, 06
Action sheet from 20th April, 06
7Work Programme.
Work Programme
8Foward Plan.
Forward Plan
9Ant other business.
Contact officer Karen Dainty
Title Principal Scrutiny Support Officer
Fax 0161 794 2027
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