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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 10 April 2001
LocationCommittee Room 1 at the Salford Civic Centre, Swinton.

The Appendix to item 8 contains 68 pages. Members are advised not to print this document.

Item Subject
1Record of the meeting held on 3rd April, 2001
Record of Cabinet Business 3rd April, 2001
2Spike Island Environmental / Security Improvements
Spike Island Environmental / Security Improvements (Part 1)
3Annual Review of Performance, 2000/01, by the Social Services Inspectorate
Annual Review of Performance - Appendix (Part 1)
Annual Review of Performance, 2000/01 (Part 1)
4Salford's Cultural Strategy
Salford's Cultural Strategy (Part 1)
5Capital Programme, 2001/02
Capital Programme - Appendix A (Part 1)
Capital Programme, 2001/02 (Part 1)
6Revenue Budget, 2001/02
Revenue Budget, 2001/02 (Part 1)
7Review of Cash Collection Services
Review of Cash Collection Services (Part 1)
8Draft Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy
Contaminated Land - Appendix (Part 1)
Draft Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy (Part 1)
9Declaration of Air Quality Management
Declaration of Air Quality Management (Part 1)
10Community Care Development Grants
Community Care Development Grants (Part 1)
11Innovatory Partnership Grants
Innovatory Partnership Grants (Part 1)
12New Decision Making Process - Amendments to Standing Orders
Amendments to Standing Orders (Part 1)
13Update on Special School
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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