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Meetings for Planning Lead Member Briefing

DateTuesday 29 August 2006
LocationOffice of the Strategic Director of Housing and Planning

Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.

Item Subject
1Action Sheets arising from the Planning Lead Member Briefings held on 15th and 24th August, 2006
Action Sheet 15/08/06
Action Sheet 24/08/06
2Items for Decision (Part1)
2AKey Decision
Roe Green Loop Line Improvements
2BLead Member Decision
Public Rights of Way Improvements
3Items for Information (Part 1)
Planning Protocol with Central Salford URC
Highways and Planning Capital Programme 2006/07
Contact officer Nikki Park
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3135
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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