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Meetings for Audit Committee

DateTuesday 24 October 2006
LocationCommittee Room 1, Civic Centre
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Audit and Inspection Progress Report
Progress Report
3Audit and Inspection Plan
Inspection Plan
4Position Statement on Risk Management
Position Statement on Risk Management
5Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption Strategy
Anti Fraud and anti corruption strategy
6Statement on Internal Control - Audit Committee Responsibilities
Statement on Internal Control
7Internal Audit Plan Progress Report June 2006
Progress Plan June 2006
8Internal Audit Plan Progress Report September 2006
Progress Plan September 2006
9Internal Audit Annual Report 2005/2006
Annual Report
10Internal Audit Activity, April - September 2006
Internal Audit Activity
11Proposed Audit Committee Workplan 2006/2007
12Completed Investigations
13Any Other Business
Contact officer Jenna Lancaster
Title Committee Services Officer
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