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Meetings for Council Meeting

DateWednesday 21 November 2007
LocationCouncil Chamber, Civic Centre Swinton.

Members are requested to ensure that their mobile telephones are switched off during the Council

Item Subject
2Apologies for absence
3Declarations of interest
4Mayor's Citizen's Award.
5Long Service Award 20 years service- Councillor James Hulmes.
6Presentation of Award to Environmental Services Directorate.
7Public Question Time.
Questions From Puplils From st Ambrose Barlow RC High School an Buile Hill High School
8Minutes of the meeting held on 19th September, 2007
Minutes of the meeting held on19th September,2007
9Receipt of petitions/communications.
10Amendment to the Constitution
Report On Amendmnets to the Constitution- Nov 2007
11Road Safety Plan 2007.
Road Safety Plan 2008
12Appointments to Committees and Panels.
13Electoral Matters
Review of Polling Stations
14Appointment of Deputy Section 151 Officer
Appointment Of Deputy Section 151 Officer
15Licensing Act 2003-Policy Statement 2008
Licensing Policy Statement, 2008
16General Questions and Comments to Lead Members
16aCouncilor Merry Leader of the Council
16bCouncilor Lancaster Deputy Leader of the Council
16cCouncillor Hinds - Customer and Support Services
16dCouncillor Warmisham- Children's Services
16eCouncillor Connor- Housing
16fCouncillor Antrobus Planning
16gCouncillor Mann - Environment
16hCouncillor M Lea - Community Services and Health
16iCouncillor Joe Murphy - Service Development and Neighbourhoods
16jCouncillor Warner - Culture and Sport
17Questions and Comments on the discharge of functions
17aPassenger Transport - Councillor Warner
17bPolice- Councillor Lancaster
17cWaste Disposal - Councillor Mann
17dFire and Rescue - Councillor Wilson
17eOutside Bodies - Appropriate Councillors
18Issues For Scrutiny Chairs
Contact officer Vincent Joseph
Title Head of Democratic Services
Telephone 0161 793 3009
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