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Meetings for Community, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

DateWednesday 27 February 2008
LocationA Committee Room
Item Subject
1Public Question time
2Apologies for absence
3Do Members have an interest to declare in any of the agenda items?
4Midwife Lead Unit - presentation by Kathy Murphy (Head of Midwifery) outlining the following (2.05pm) - Response to the visit to Edgeware and views on the unit - An outline of the issues around a midwife led unit - safety of a midwife led unit - key issues to be considered
5The view of the ambulance service on a midwife led unit including the following - presented by Mike Jackson (Assistant Clinical Director) and Carl Daniels (Local Sector Manager (2.40pm) - Treatment available in an ambulance. - Tranfer times; travelling times and the impact on transfer times by congestion and road closures especially at peak times. - Safety of a midwife led unit from the viewpoint of the ambulance service. - Key issues.
6Equitable access procurement of new GP practices - A small number of new GP practices are to be established in the city. Members to be updated on the funding for the practices and the locations, including why the proposed locations have been chosen. Presented by Richard Freeman (associate Director Primary Care Commissioning) (3.15pm)
7Major Adaptations Report - update on the recommendations as a result of the work looking at the major adaptation service.
Major Adaptations Report
8Forward Plan - no items to report in relation to this committee
9Work programme
Work programme
10Report from previous meeting.
Report from previous meeting
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