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Meetings for Housing Lead Members Briefing

DateTuesday 15 April 2008
LocationRoom 2.20, Phase 1, Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton

Members attending this meeting with a personal interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.

Item Subject
3Items for Lead Member Decision (Part 1)
3aTarget Hardening and Alarms to Residential Properties
Target Hardening and Alarms to Residential Properties
4Exclusion of the Public
5Items for Lead Member Decision (Part 2)
6Non Key Decision Items for Lead Member Decision
6aInstitution of Legal Proceedings - Housing Act 2004
6b27 Kitchener Ave, Cadishead - Right to Buy Scheme Waiver of Discount
7Items for Noting/Information
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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