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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 13 November 2001
LocationCommittee Room 4 at the Salford Civic Centre, Swinton.
Item Subject
1Minutres of the meeting held on 30th October, 2001.
Record of Cabinet Business 30th October, 2001
2Weed Control
Appendix to Highway Weed Control (Part 1)
Highway Weed Control in Rear Passageways (Part 1)
3Winter Weather Emergency Planning
Winter Service Plan, 2001/02 (Part 1)
4Fitness Suite Development Programme
Fitness Suite Development - Appendix 1 Part 1)
Fitness Suite Development - Appendix 3 (Part 1)
Fitness Suite Development Programme (Part 1)
Fitness Suite Development - Appendix 2 (Part 1)
Fitness Suite Development - Appendix 4 (Part 1)
5School Admission Arrangements
School Admission Arrangements (Part 1)
6Children's Health Care
Children's Health Care (Part 1)
7Brentnall Primary School
Brentnall Primary School (Part 1)
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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