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Meetings for Corporate Services Lead Members Briefing

DateMonday 26 November 2001
LocationOffice of the Director of Corporate Services

Please note that the first half hour of the meeting will be held in the Library to discuss Best Value Review of Democratic Services - of the officers, only Alan Westwood and Alan Eastwood need attend for this part.

Item Subject
1Record of the meeting held on 19 th November, 2001
Corporate Services Lead Member Briefing 19th November, 2001
3Corporate Services Budget Monitoring
Corporate Services Budget Monitoring - Part 1
4Dispatch of Council Mail
5Verification Framework Implementation
Appendix to Verification Framework - Part 1
Verification Framework - Part 1
7Reorganisation within Customer Services and IT
Modernising and Reorganising for the delivery of e-Government and e-Customer Services - Part 1
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