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Meetings for Children's Services Lead Member Briefing

DateFriday 14 August 2009
LocationOffice of the Strategic Director of Children's Services
Item Subject
1Exclusion of the Public.
2Contract for the provision of a Salford Children's Rights, Advocacy & Independent Visitor Service.
3Salford Skills Centre.
4Return to Part 1 of the Agenda.
5AGMA Contract for the supply and delivery of Educational Furniture for the period 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2011 (with the option to extend to 31 July 2012)
6LA Governor Vacancies and Appointments.
7Instrument of Government for change of names for Buile Hill High School and Chatsworth High School.
8Request for Assistance Trust Fund Income.
Contact officer Mike McHugh
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone (0161) 793 3011
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