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Meetings for Health Wellbeing and Social Care Scrutiny

DateWednesday 24 March 2010
LocationFit City Ordsall

Please note this meeting will be held at Fit City Ordsall

Item Subject
2Questions from members of the public
312:25pm - 1.15pm Update on the proposed changes to Provider Services presented by Alan Campbell (Director of Strategic Commissioning, Salford NHS)
41:15pm - 1:45pm "Inspired in Salford" - Strategic framework and key issues for improving culture and sport presented by Andy Howitt (Assistant Director Culture & Leisure)
Inspired in Salford report
51:45pm - 2:15pm Information about arts, libraries, museums and sport performance Indicators presented by Andy Howitt ( Assistant Director Culture & Leisure)
62:15pm - 2:45pm Tour of Fit City Ordsall
72:50pm - 3:35pm Current initiatives and key areas of work for 2010/11 presented by Andy Howitt (Assistant Director Culture & Leisure)
83:35pm - 3:40pm Report from last meeting
Report from last meeting
93:40pm - 3:50pm Work Programme
Work programme
103:50pm - 3:55pm Rota visits schedule
Princess Park visit
Rota visit update March
Rota Visit schedule
114.00pm Any other business
Contact officer Linda Sharples
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3324
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