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Meetings for Audit and Accounts Committee

DateWednesday 28 April 2010
LocationCommittee Room 1 Civic Centre Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence.
2The Committee is asked to agree the agenda.
3Do members have an interest to declare in any of the agenda items?
4Audit & Inspection Progress Report.
Audit and Inspection Progress report
5Draft Audit Opinion Plan.
Draft Audit Opinion Plan
6Annual Audit Fee Letter.
Annual Audit Fee Letter
7Annual Governance Statement .
8Strategic Risk Register - progress update Quarter 4.
Strategic Risk Register - Progress Update
9Internal Audit Output Report April - March 2009/10
Internal Audit Output Report April
10Internal Audit Annual Report 2009/10.
Internal Audit Annual Report
11Internal Audit Plan 2010/11.
Internal Audit Plan
12Audit & Accounts Committee Self Assessment.
Audit and Accounts Self Assessment
13Internal / External Audit Joint Protocol.
Joint Protocol
14Anti -fraud Anti Corruption Policies.
Anti-fraud Anti-Corruption Policies
15PART 2 ITEM - Completed investigations, January - March 2010.
Completed Investigations January -March 2010
16PART 2 ITEM - Special Investigation Report.
Special Investigations Report
17Report from previous meeting.
Report from last meeting
18Any Other Business.
Contact officer Peter Kidd
Title Scrutiny Support Officer
Telephone 0161 793 3322
Fax 0161 794 2027
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