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Meetings for Neighbourhoods Scrutiny

DateMonday 20 September 2010
LocationPick up at 1.30pm prompt outside the civic centre.

Pick up at 1.30pm prompt outside the civic centre.

Item Subject
11.30 - Departing from the Civic Centre going to Tindall Street Allotments Eccles. Recognised as one of the country's best green spaces with a prestigious Green Pennant Award.
22.15 - Poorlots Allotments, Cadishead.
32.45 - Cumberland Avenue Allotments in Irlam. Derelict plots brought back in to use.
43.15 - Cadishead Park, Irlam. Green gym facilities.
53.45 - Victoria Park, Swinton. Following the refurbishment Victoria Park has secured three Green Flag Awards, an annually-awarded national standard for parks and green spaces.
Response to the briefing paper.
Briefing provided for officers.
Contact officer Karen Lucas
Title Principal Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3318
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