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Meetings for Finance and Support Services and Human Resources and Equalities Lead Member Briefing

DateMonday 18 July 2011
LocationSalford Suite 3
Item Subject
2Declarations of interest.
3Record of briefing on 11 July 2011.
Record of briefing 11 July 2011.
4Items for Lead Member Decision (Part 1 open to the public):
4aFilling of vacant posts/agency workers.
4bPurchase of the update to the current admissions module for the Education Management System (EMS).
New admissions Module SO waive Report
5Items for Lead Member Decision (Part 2 closed to the public):
5aVoluntary early retirement/severance.
5bRealignment of current MFP leases. (Item Withdrawn)
6Briefing items for Lead Member:
6aBudget monitoring report.
7Any other business.
Contact officer Karen Lucas
Title Principal Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3318
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