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Meetings for Budget Scrutiny Committee

DateWednesday 5 October 2011
LocationCivic Centre, Swinton. Committee Room 2

There will be a briefing for members only at 9.30am with the full meeting starting at 9.45am

Item Subject
2Declarations of Interest
3Record of Previous Meeting
Item 3 - Report from meeting
4Treasury Management Annual Report (John Spink - City Treasurer)
Item 4 Treasury Management Report
Treasury Management Report App 2
Revised Appendix one Treasury Management
5Revenue Reports (John spink - City Treasurer and Nikki Bishop Head of Audit)
5a- Savings Programme
Item 5a App 1 Risk sheet
Item 5a Savings Programme
5b- Revenue Budget
Item 5b Revenue Report
5c- Capital Monitoring Programme
5C App 1 Capital Monitoring
Item 5c Capital Monitoring
6Income Collection
Item 6 Income Collection
7Work Programme
Item 7 Work programme
8Any Other Business
9Date of Next Meeting - Wednesday, 2nd November 2011
Contact officer Linda Sharples
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3324
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