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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 9 April 2002
LocationA Committee Room , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Minutes of the meeting held on 12th February,2002
Appendix A to minutes of 12/02/02
Minutes of the meeting held on 12/02/02
Appendix B to minutes of 12/02/02
3Matters Arising- Minute 70 : Discussions regarding a lease for Clifton House Farm are continuing . It is not yet possible to give an estimate of when these will be completed.
4The Committee will receive a verbal report on the use of Computers in the Clifton and Valley Resource Centres
5The Committee will receive a presentation on the Swinton Families Initiative
6The Committee will receive a presentation on the activities of the Salvation Army
7The Committee will receive a presentation from the Principal Community Safety Officer on the Emerging Strategy for the Salford Crime and Disorder Audit
8To receive a progress report on the Swinton Festival ,2002
9Budget Sub- Group. (a) As requested at the February meeting an example of the type of Newsletter which the Corporate Communications Manager could produce is enclosed with the 'hard 'copy of the agenda in the Members' pigeonholes.If the Committee agrees to make a grant for the Newsletter Members amy wish to consider also establishing an Editorial Board to approve material for the Newsletter. , (b) the Committee is asked to note that the Budget Sub - Group has deferred consideration of developing criteria pending a decision on whether or not SRB funding will be available in 2002/03. It is anticipated that a decision on this issue will be made by the time the Committee meets, (c) As requested at the February meeting details of expenditure on grants are enclosed for monitoring purposes and (d) the Committee is asked ,as appropriate , to note the decisions and consider the recommendations of the Budget Sub-Group held on 25th March,2002.
Budget breakdown
BUdget Sub Group 25/3/02 : Decisions for Confirmation on 9/4/02
Devolved Budget 100402
Budget Sub -Group 25/3/02 : Delegated decisions
10The Committee is asked to consider if any items discussed at this meeting might be forwarded to the Media and Public Relations Office
11Any Other Business : Community Representatives may raise issues of concern to their area or group and Ward Councillors may raise any item not already covered.
12Date of Next Meeting : 7pm on Tuesday,11th June,2002
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