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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateTuesday 2 April 2002
LocationCommittee Room 4 at the Salford Civic Centre, Swinton
Item Subject
1Apologies for Absence
2Minutes of Proceedings
Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held on 19th March, 2002
3Pledge 6 (Supporting Young People)
Pledge 6 - Supporting Young People (Part 1)
4Housing Revenue Account Budget
Housing Revenue Account Budget (Part 1)
5Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
Appendix to N.R.F. Report (Part 1)
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (Part 1)
6Support for Secondary School Improvement
Support for Secondary School Improvement (Part 1)
Appendices to Scondary School Support (Part 1)
Appendices to Secondary School Support (Part 1)
Appendices to Secondary School Support (Part 1)
7Peer Review Group 1
Peer Review Group 1 - Outline Work Programme (Part 1)
8Peer Review Group 2
Peer Review Group 2 - Interim Report (Part 1)
9Peer Review Group 3
Peer Review Group 3 - Interim Report (Part 1)
10Peer Review Group 4
Peer Review Group 4 - Interim Report (Part 1)
11Community and Social Services Budget Pressures, 2002/03
12Charging Policy - 24 Hour Supported Tenancies
Charging Policy - 24 Hour Supported Tenancies (Part 1)
13Salford Quays Signage
Salford Quays Signage (Part 1)
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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