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Meetings for Ordsall and Langworthy Community Committee

DateTuesday 9 April 2002
LocationWrotham Close, Westerham Avenue, Off Liverpool Street, Salford
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
3Matters Arising
4Feedback from the Ordsall Community Safety Task Group
5Feedback from the Development and Services Group
6Minutes from the Ordsall and Langworthy Sub-Group held on 22nd March, 2002.
7Talk by Ann Falsey from Irwell Valley Credit Union regarding expanding into Ordsall
8Talk by Mike Whitnall from Salford Money Line
9Prioritisation exercise in relation to the Devolved Budget
10Feedback from organisations that have received grants from the Devolved Budget
11Removal of grafitti
12Summer Activities
13Item for Information - Report regarding the Strategic Review of Primary School Places
Strategic Review of Primary School Places
14Any Other Business
15Date and Time of next meeting
Contact officer Claire Edwards
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161-793-2602
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