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Meetings for Quality and Performance Scrutiny Committee

DateMonday 27 May 2002
LocationA Committee Room, Salford Civic Centre

Please note that the meeting will be preceeded by a briefing for Members ONLY commencing at 1.30 PM.

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Declarations of Interest
3Consideration of Items in Parts I and II
4Election of Deputy Chairman 2002/03
5Minutes of Meeting held on 22nd April, 2002
22nd April, 2002
6Sundry Debtors : Analysis of Outstanding Debt
Sundry Debtors
7Provision of Mobile Phones
Provision of Mobile Phones
8Corporate Service Directorate : BVPIs 2001/02 - Performance from 1/4/01 to 31/3/02
Appendix A to BVPI for 27/5
App B 2 to BVPI 27/5
Pt 4of App 3 to BVPI 27/5
Pt 6 of App b to BVPI 27/5
Pt 8 of App B BVPI 27/5
Pt 10 of app b to BVPI 27/5
Appendix D to BVPI 27/5
Appendix f to BVPI 27/5
Appendix H to BVPI 27/5
BVPI 01/02 for the Period 1/4/01 - 31/3/02
App B 1 to BVPI for 27/5
App B 3 to BVPI 27/5
Pt 5 of App B to BVPI for 27/5
Pt 7 of App B to BVPI 27/5
Pt 9 of App B to BVPI 27/5
Appendix c to BVPI 27/5
Appendix E to BVPI 27/5
Appendix g to BVPI 27/5
Graph to Appendix H
9Revenues Collection & Benefits Administration PIs 2002/03
Revenues Collections & benefits admin PIs 02/03
10Democratic Services Review - Progress Report
Democratic Services review - progress 27/5
11Chief Executives (Personnel and Performance) - Performance Indicators
Personnel PIs 270502
12Review of the Work of the Committee
13Workplan 2002
Action Sheet Arising from Meeting Held on 22nd April, 2002
Committee Workplan (May 2002)
14Any other business of an urgent nature
15Part II - Exclusion of the Public
16Any other business of an urgent nature
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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