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Meetings for Quality and Performance Scrutiny Committee

DateMonday 24 June 2002
LocationA Committee Room, Salford Civic Centre

Please note that the meeting will be preceeded by a briefing for Members ONLY commencing at 1.30 PM

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Declarations of Interest
3Consideration of Items in Parts I and II
4aMinutes of Meeting held on 27th May, 2002
27th May, 2002
4bAction Sheet arising from meeting held on 27th May, 2002
Action Sheet arising from the meeting held on 27th May, 2002
5Customer Services Presentation (2.10 PM) - Maura Brookes and her colleagues have been invited to talk to members about Customer Services including Salford Direct. This session will provide Members with an update on how the service is operating to date, as well as identifying future issues. The presentation will focus on the following key themes: performance information, customer satisfaction and social inclusion. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions following the presentation
Customer Services - Main Report
Customer Services - Covering Report
6Salford Advance Presentation (2.50 PM) Mike Willetts has been invited to talk about Salford Advance, and will be covering the following key themes; history, current context, partners, structure, services, products, achievements, future plans. There will also be the opportunity for Members to ask questions following the presentation.
Salford Advance - Presentation Slides
7Mobile Phones - Update (3.30 PM)
Provision of Mobile Phones - Scrutiny Review
8Chief Executives (Personnel & Performance)- Review of Service Plan 2001/02 (3.40 PM)
Service Plan for Personel and Performance 2001/02 - End of Year Review
9Internal Audit Annual Report 2001/02 (4.05 PM)
Internal Audit Annual Report 2001/02
10BVCI Team Review 2001/02 (4.15 PM)
BVCI Team Review 2001/02
11Scrutiny Function Presentation (4.20 PM) David McGovern will give the Committee a presentation outlining the scrutiny function and arrangements for future work
Q&P - Review of Committee Work
12Committee Workplan 2002 (4.45 PM) To provide the opportunity to review the work of the Committee, and identify future areas of work and themed visits
Salford City Council - Key Decisions (June 02)
Committee Workplan 2002 (June 2002)
13Dates of Meetings 2002/03 (5.00 PM)
Dates of Meetings 2002/03
14Any other business of an urgent nature
15Part II - Exclusion of the Public
16Any other business of an urgent nature
Contact officer Mike Relph
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3013
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