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Meetings for Swinton Community Committee

DateTuesday 11 June 2002
LocationA Committee Room , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road , Swinton

Swinton Community Action Plan: A revised version of the CAP is currently being finalised . This is an important document and serves a variety of purposes in that it 1. provides a basis for assessing applications for grant - aid 2. sets standards which Directors must try and achieve in the Swinton area . A copy of the CAP will ,therefore, be circulated with the minutes of this meeting.

Item Subject
1Election Of Chairman ( In 2001/02 a Community representative - Pam Anderson - was Chairman of the Committee)
2Election of Deputy Chairman ( In 2001/02 The Link Member - Cllr Eric Burgoyne - was Deputy Chairman)
3Membership of the Committee - Since the last meeting Cllr John Cullen has replaced Cllr Keith Mann and Mrs S Roscoe of Agecroft Community Together has joined the Cttee
4Dates of meetings
Dates of meetings 2002/3
5Apologies for Absence
6Minutes of the meeting held on 9th April,2002
Minutes of meeting held on 9/4/02
7Matters arising
8Home Visiting : The Cttee will receive a presentation from the Citizens Advice Bureau
9Local Investment Trust : The Cttee will receive a presentation on this subject
10Use of Computers in the Clifton and Valley Resource Centres - Discussion deferred from last meeting
11Swinton Festival
Swinton Festival 02/03
12Budget Sub - Group
Budget Sub Group 28/5/02
Budget Sub Group 11/6/02
13Items for information - 1. Abandoned vehicles, 2 Alley- gating and 3 Telecommunications
Alleygating report
Flow chart pt 2
Alleygating appendix 2
Telecommunications guidance
Flow chart pt 1
Flow chart pt 3
Alleygating appendix 3
Summary of telecommunications guidance
14Any Other Business
15Date of Next meeting : 7pm 13/8/02
Contact officer Dave Cunningham
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3008
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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