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Meetings for Corporate Services Lead Members Briefing

DateMonday 1 July 2002
LocationOffice of the Director of Corporate Services
Item Subject
1Record of the meeting held on 24th June, 2002
Corporate Services Lead Member Briefing - 24th June, 2002
2BFI Action Plan
BFI Action Plan - Appendix - Part 1
BFI Action P[lan - Part 1
3Law and Admin Monthly Update
4Finance Monthly Update
5Land Charges
Land Charges BVPI - Part 1
62002/03 Capital Programme
2002/03 Capital Programme - Part 1
72003/04 - 2007/08 Capital Expenditure Proposals
8Best Value Review FSG/SAP
Best Value Review FSG/SAP - Part 1
9Broadband Project Management
Broadband Project Management - Part 1
10Audit Reports
10aReports issued since 18th March, 2002
Audit Reports issued since 18th March, 2002 - Part 1
10bCompleted Investigations
Completed Investigations - Part 1
10cAudit Work in Progress
Audit Work in Progress - Part 1
10dEnergy Management
Energy Audit - Part 1
10eInternal Audit Annual Report
Internal Audit Annual Report - Part 1
10fBVCI Team Review
BVCI Team Review - Part 1
10gInternal Audit Plan Outturn
Internal Audit Plan Outturn - Part 1
10hD.A's Report on Review of Internal Audit
D.A.'s Report on Review of Internal Audit - Part 1
10iInternal Audit Action Plan
Internal Audit Action Plan - Part 1
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