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Meetings for Lifelong Learning and Leisure Scrutiny Committee

DateWednesday 11 September 2002
LocationMeeting Room 1, Education and Leisure Offices , Minerva House , off Pendlebury Road, Swinton

Please note (a) change of venue,(b) that , since the last meeting Councillor Fernandez has filled the vacancy for an Elected member on the Committee, (c) that not all of the OFSTED reports are available in electronic format and (d) that the Best Value Report is lengthly . Members might prefer , therefore, to wait for the printed version rather than run off the agenda. This will include the Best Value Report as a separate document for ease of reference.

Item Subject
1Apologies for Absence
2Consideration of the items in Parts 1 and 2 of the Agenda
3Declarations of Interest
4To discuss issues arising from the morning visits to Educational Establishments
5Minutes of the meetings held on 10th July,2002
Mins of 100702 am
Mins of 100702 pm
6Action Sheet
Action Sheet from 100702
7Best Value Review : Fair Funding Services to Schools
BV Review - cover
BV Appendix A
BV Review Appendix C
BV Review Appendix E
BV Review final rpt
BV Review Appendix B
BV Review Appendix D
BV Review Appendix F
8OFSTED reports
OFSTED summary report
OFSTED Wharton Primary
OFSTED All Hallows
OFSTED St Edmunds RC
9Grass Cutting Issues - report to follow
Workplan 110902
11Forward Plan
Forward Plan 2/9/02
12Any Other Business of an Urgent Nature
AOB for 11/9/02 : vetting procedure
13To pass a resolution excluding the public if necessary
14Any other business in Part 2 of the agenda
Contact officer Dave Cunningham
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3008
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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