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Meetings for Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee

DateMonday 13 January 2003
LocationA Committee Room , Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton

Please note: (a) Due to the New Year Holiday this meeting will take place on a Monday rather than Wednesday (b) Since the last Meeting Cllr Wilson has replaced Cllr Beaumont as a Member of this Committee. (c) The meeting will be preceded by a briefing at 1.30pm to which all Members are invited.

Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Consideration of items in Parts 1 & 2 of the agenda
3Declarations of interest
4Minutes of the meetings held on 4th and 9th December,2002, and associated Action Plan
Mins of 4/12/02
Jan Action Plan
Mins of 9/12/02
5Audit of Age- Related Policies : Mary Murphy , Local Implementation Officer - National Service Framework for Older People , will give a presentation on a recent Audit undertaken on Ageist Policies within Salford.
Age related Policies
6Draft Protocol for Co-Operation between the Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee and the Salford Community Health Council.
7The Local Authority ( Overview and Scrutiny Committees Health Scrutiny Functions ) Regulations 2002: Mr Bernstein ,Assistant Director of Scrutiny , will give a verbal update
8Progress report on Implementation of the Childrens Sevices Inspection Action Plan
Childrens Services - Imp of AP
9Summary of Inspections of Childrens Homes
Reg 33 Visits Sept - Dec 02
Jan Workplan
11Forward Plan
Jan Forward plan
12Any other business of an urgent nature
13If necessary to pass a resolution excluding the public
14Any other business in Part 2 of the agenda.
Contact officer Dave Cunningham
Title Senior Committee Administrator
Telephone (0161) 793 3008
Fax (0161) 793 3160
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