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Meetings for Cabinet Meeting

DateWednesday 5 March 2003
LocationA Committee Room at the Salford Civic centre, Swinton
Item Subject
APART 1 ITEMS (Open to the Public)
A1Minutes of Proceedings
Minutes of Cabinet Meeting held on 19th February, 2003
A2Pledge 1 - Better Education for All
Pledge 1 - Better Education for All
A3Strategic Partnership Project
Strategic Partnering
Strategic Partnering Project
A4Salford Local Admissions Forum
Salford Local Admissions Forum
A5School Admission Arrangements
Proposal for School Admission Arrangements, 2004/05
Appendix 2 to Admissions Report
Appendix 1 to Admissions Report
Appendix 3 to Admissions Report
A6Municipal Waste Management Strategy - Response to GMWDA
Municipal Waste Management Strategy - Response to GMWDA
A7Improved Repairs and Maintenance Service - Housing
Improved Repairs and Maintenace Service - Housing
A8Ward Boundary Review
Future Electoral Arrangements for Salford
BPART 2 ITEM (Not Open to the Public)
Contact officer Paul Templeton
Title Committee Services Manager
Telephone 793 3018
Fax 793 3160
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