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Meetings for Quality and Performance Audit Sub Committee

DateMonday 2 June 2003
LocationA committee room, Salford Civic Centre
Item Subject
1Apologies for absence
2Declarations of interest
3Consideration of items in Parts I and II
4Action sheet arising from meeting on 24 March 2003
Action Sheet
5Audit progress report May 2003 - District Audit
Audit progress report May 2003 - District Audit
6Review of capital expenditure - District Audit
Review of capital expenditure
7Salford Audit and Inspection plan - District Audit
Salford Audit and Inspection Plan
8Internal Audit plan 2002/03 - Final out turn - Internal Audit
Internal audit plan final outturn
9Internal Audit plan 2003/04 Progress report - Internal Audit
10Internal Audit activity March 2003 to May 2003 - Internal Audit
Internal Audit Activity March 2003 - May 2003
11Energy Management activity March 2003 to May 2003 - Internal Audit
Energy Management Activity March 2003 - May
12Anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy
Anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy
13Internal Audit Annual Report 2002 -03 - Internal Audit
Internal audit annual report 2002-03
14Bad debts - Progress report for members - Geoff Topping
Sundry debtors performance indicators
Update on sundry debtors
15Comprehensive list of all Bank Accounts - Chris Griffiths
16Any other business
17Part II Exclusion of the public
19Any other business
Contact officer Linda Sharples
Title Senior Democratic Services Advisor
Telephone 0161 793 3324
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