Chains of Office

Ceremonial Mayor of Salford

The chain of office was originally worn by the Mayor of Eccles, and is now worn by the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford. It is of 15 carat gold and consists of twenty links, incorporating the initials of former Mayors of the Borough of Eccles. The roses of Lancashire and Yorkshire can be seen immediately above the pendant.

The chain is approximately 106 centimetres in length and it weighs just under one kilogram. The back of the chain bears the inscription "In commemoration of the sixtieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria presented by Councillor. C.E. Hindley, Mayor 1895/6 & 1896/7."

The pendant bears the Coat of Arms of the city of Salford, and was made in 1974 on the designation of Salford as a city. It incorporates parts of the Coats of Arms of the five areas which became part of the city of Salford at that time. The motto is SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX  which translates as "The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law".

The inscription on the back of the pendant reads "Commissioned by the Salford City Council for the use of the Mayor for the time being."

On 31 January 1913, the ladies of the town presented a Chain to the Mayoress of Eccles, who subsequently presented it to the Borough on 3 March 1913 for the use of her successors.


The chain that was originally worn by the Chairman of Irlam and is currently worn by the Mayoress of Salford, consists of twenty eight medallions, each bearing the Lancashire rose, linked by double chains. The length of the chain is 96 centimetres and it weighs just under half a kilogram.

The pendant, bearing the coat of arms of the city of Salford, is surrounded by a leaf design.


The pendant bears the inscription "Presented by Ernest Lane, Esq., on the occasion of the Incorporation of the District, November 1st 1934."

The Mayoress's chain and pendant is of gold, richly jewelled, with twenty seven links, wrought and chiselled in delicate relief on both sides, having the Lancashire rose in enamel, alternating with raised panels.

The badge is surrounded by a gemset wreath and enriched with diamond set scrolls, the centre bearing the full heraldic blazon of the former Borough enamelled in correct heraldic colours. This chain was presented by Thomas Fletcher Malcolm Corrie Esq. on the occasion of the Incorporation of the district, 1 November 1934.


The chain originally worn by the Chairman of Worsley Urban District Council is 111 centimetres in length and formed of eleven medallions joined by fine links, interspersed with smaller medallions in the design of the Lancashire rose. From the chain is suspended a large oval badge.

Each piece is hallmarked gold. The surface of the badge is inlaid with enamel and incorporates the motto NON NOBIS SOLUM ("Not for ourselves alone"), with symbols denoting agriculture, cotton weaving and coal mining, which were at one time the principal industries of the district.

A raised crest surmounted by a crown depicts a lion rampant, this being the device of the Earl of Ellesmere and adopted by the council as its crest at that time. At a later date the council took a Coat of Arms registered by the College of Heraldry. The chain was presented by Mr E Timperlake JP CC, in August 1911 to commemorate the opening of the town hall.

The Chairman's Lady's Chain is of more delicate construction. Fabricated in silver gilt, it is formed of sixteen medallions joined in pairs by fine links, and in keeping with the larger chain, these are interspersed with smaller medallions in the design of the Lancashire rose.

From the chain is a crest showing a lion rampant and from this is a circular badge inlaid with enamel divided into three equal segments. Each segment is a hand-painted scene, the upper showing a cornfield and the two lower a colliery yard and a cotton weaving loom respectively.

A filigree surround of silver gilt incorporates symmetrically spaced diamonds. The chain was presented on 6 December 1949 by Mr John H Hall to commemorate the services rendered to the district by his late father, Joseph Hall JP.

Deputy Ceremonial Mayor

The Deputy Ceremonial Mayor's Chain is of gold with twelve links bearing the monogram S&P alternating with the initials of past chairmen of the Council. A gold pendant with enamel centre in full colour bearing the Arms of the Borough is surmounted by the Tudor rose and the Arms of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The chain bears the inscription "This Chain and Pendant was presented to the Urban District Council of Swinton & Pendlebury by Thomas Stuttard, Esq. JP, and family of Swinton, to be worn by the Chairmen of the Council - December 9th 1907".

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