The Ceremonial Mayor's Citizen Award

Do you know any unsung heroes whose praises you'd like to sing? Do you know any groups within your community who contribute to the city but don't get the recognition they deserve?

People of any age can now be nominated, as long as they've made an outstanding contribution to the city of Salford. The contribution could be through services to the arts, industry, commerce, the community, entertainment, sport, education or to the welfare of others, either nationally, regionally or at city level.

Get nominating people now, so they can follow in the footsteps of one of Salford's famous sons, Russell Watson, a previous Citizen Award winner.

What are the award categories?

The awards are split into three categories:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Community groups

Awards are chosen from the three categories several times a year.

How do I nominate?

It is easy, simply choose one of these methods:

Or, download and print the nomination form at the bottom of this page and post it to:

The Ceremonial Mayor's Office
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5DA

How do the awards work?

You can nominate people or groups for one of the awards. The Ceremonial Mayor will read through all of the nominations several times a year prior to a Council Agenda Group meeting; and with their help will pick a winner. You will be contacted by the Ceremonial Mayor’s office to advise if your nomination has been successful or not. If successful, you will be invited into the Mayor’s Parlour with the winner for afternoon tea, where the winner will pick up their award and certificate.

Examples of achievements to nominate:

  • Children who have done particularly well in relation to their abilities
  • A school pupil who has achieved a major improvement in their work, attendance, behaviour, etc
  • A social worker who has gone beyond the call of duty to help someone
  • Someone who plays an important role in their community
  • A teacher who has inspired their pupils to achieve a great success
  • An athlete, swimmer, footballer, etc, who has achieved great things
  • A team of people who have achieved something for their community

Now what are you waiting for, get nominating!

Recent winners

  • Elaine Brettell (Adult) - In recognition of her long-standing dedication, passion, hard work and generosity of time given to the NHS and voluntary services.
  • Asez Wao Volunteer Group (Community Group) - In recognition of their contribution towards decarbonisation with tree planting initiatives, which have improved the city’s green spaces; as well as continued work in the community to help enhance the lives of residents.
  • Tony Flynn and Carl Davison (Adult) - In recognition of their unwavering dedication to keeping the people of Salford up to date with current news and information, and for their support of local charities and fundraising, to help those in need.
  • Ash Kapriyelov (Adult)- In recognition of his contribution to video game preservation, and the wider impact that has on the gaming community of Salford and the local economy. Also for his volunteer work with Ukrainian refugees within Salford and Greater Manchester, specifically in translation services.
  • Kersal FC (Community Group) - In recognition of their contribution to the young people of the local community. For providing an inclusive club that supports and promotes the health, wellbeing and social morals of the youth in the area
  • Festus Robert (Adult) - In recognition of his hard work and commitment to improve the quality of health services available to the students of Salford University, ensuring inclusivity for all
  • Sonja Horton (Adults) - In recognition of her support and kind nature, always thinking of others and doing her upmost to make a difference to people’s lives.
  • Kellie Ryan (Adults) - In recognition of her inspirational work with survivors of abuse, providing support and helping people to change their lives for the better
  • Jack Bloodworth (Adults) - In recognition of his hard work and unwavering commitment to Winton Junior Football Club and for the difference he has made in the lives of all the young people that he has worked with

Previous winners

  • Rachel Dutton (Adults)
  • Jemma Watson (Adults)
  • Nicola Fleury (Adults)
  • Serena Rice (Adults)
  • Jackie McDermott (Adults)
  • Lesley Fisher (Adults)
  • Susan Bromley (Adults)
  • Vera Green (Adults)
  • Kieran Cedric Leano (Child) 
  • Sarah Aldcroft (Adults) 
  • Gail Smith (Adults) 
  • Paul Moran – Salford Carers (Adults) 
  • Casey Jones (Child) 
  • Sheila Payant (Adults) 
  • Eccles Community Fire Cadets (Community Group) 
  • START (Community Group)
  • Graham Worrall (Adults)
  • Joan Seed (Adults)
  • Antony Pavitt and Steven Thomas (Adults)
  • Abigail Hodson (Child)
  • Ben Robinson (Adults) 
  • Linda Carr (Adults) 
  • Dementia Champions Group (Community)
  • Barbara Lyon (Adults)
  • Valerie Davies (Adults)
  • Ethan Davies (Adults)
  • Salford Talking News (Community Group)

If you have any questions or queries to do with the Mayor's Citizen Award, please call the Ceremonial Mayor's office on 0161 793 3618 or email

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This page was last updated on 20 May 2024

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