When Paul stood to be elected as the City Mayor, he set out his priorities. His priorities for a better and fairer Salford are:

  • Tackling poverty and inequality – Significant levels of poverty continue to exist in many parts of Salford. Working with our partners, we will take action to make things better for the many households struggling to make ends meet. We must also look to prevent people from falling into poverty in the first place, building on what we know is already working, as well as developing new ways of doing things.
  • Education and skills – Developing skills and a strong education offer. We want productive local jobs with real career progression and opportunities to develop skills and talents.
  • Health and social care – Working with our partners to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Development – Investment that provides jobs with decent wages. We will use our power and influence to target employers who have a commitment to giving something back in return – those who offer local jobs, look after their employees and pay them well.
  • Housing – Tackling soaring rents and a lack of affordable housing.
  • Transport – Connecting affordable transport with jobs and skills.
  • A transparent effective organisation – Delivering effective and efficient council services.
  • Social impact – Using social value to make the most difference in Salford. Making sure council money gets the most 'bang for its buck' for Salford residents.

A city committed to equalities and fairness for all.


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