Election results: 8 June 2017

The general election and the Claremont ward by-election took place on Thursday 8 June 2017.

General election result

The results of the two constituencies in Salford were published below on the night of the election. The election count took place at the AJ Bell Stadium.

Blackley and Broughton constituency

The Kersal and Broughton wards of Salford lie within the Blackley and Broughton constituency. The verification, count and declaration for this constituency is facilitated by Manchester City Council, however you can see the details of the result below.

Candidate Party Votes cast
Ajoku, Abi Christian Peoples Alliance 174
Garsden, Charles Richard George Liberal Democrats 737
Goss, David Philip Conservative Party 8,657
Jones, David Green Party 462
Power, Martin UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,825
Stringer, Graham Eric Labour Party 28,258
  • Elected: Graham Eric Stringer
  • Electorate: 71,648
  • Percentage poll: 56%
  • Void votes: 101

Salford and Eccles constituency

Candidate Party Votes cast
Barnes, Christopher UK Independence Party (UKIP) 2,320
Long Bailey, Rebecca Labour Party 31,168
Olsen, Wendy Green Party 809
Reid, John Campbell Liberal Democrats 1,286
Sugarman, Jason Conservative Party 12,036
  • Elected: Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Electorate: 78,080
  • Percentage poll: 61%
  • Void votes: 111
  • Total votes: 47,730

Worsley and Eccles South constituency

Candidate Party Votes cast
Clarkson, Kate Liberal Democrats 1,087
Dylan, Tom Green Party 842
Keeley, Barbara Mary Labour Party 26,046
Lindley, Iain David Conservative Party 17,667
  • Elected: Barbara Mary Keeley
  • Electorate: 73,689
  • Percentage poll: 62%
  • Void votes: 115
  • Total votes: 45,757

Claremont by-election

The result of the by-election was published below on the night of the election. The election count took place at the AJ Bell Stadium.

Candidate Party Votes cast
Cremins, Stuart The Republic Party 49
Lorenz, Stef Liberal Democrats 319
Reynolds, Neil Andrew Labour Party 3,300
Towers, Daniel Green Party 236
Woods, Charlotte Conservative Party 1,455
  • Elected: Neil Andrew Reynolds
  • Electorate: 8,348
  • Percentage poll: 65%
  • Void votes: 25
  • Total votes: 5,384
  • Status: Labour hold

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