Boundary Commission review of Parliamentary constituencies

Who are the Boundary Commission and what is the 2023 review?

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is an independent and impartial non-departmental public body, which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.

The BCE has now published its revised proposals for new constituency boundaries.

The 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies was formally launched in January 2021. The Commission is required to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal; constituencies must comprise of between 69,724 to 77,062 electors. The Commission is undertaking an independent review of all constituency boundaries in England and will present its final recommendations to Parliament by July 2023.

The Boundary Commission’s final consultation ended on 5 December 2022. This webpage will be updated with their final report when it is published in the summer of 2023.

Proposals for Salford

View the proposals for the North West region.

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Under the proposals Salford would continue with two constituencies of its own (Salford borough constituency and Worsley and Eccles county constituency), however they would differ from the existing ones:

  • Salford would take on Wigan’s ‘Astley Mosley Common’ ward into the proposed Worsley and Eccles county constituency.
  • Eccles ward and Swinton and Wardley ward will move from the existing Salford and Eccles borough constituency, to the Worsley and Eccles county constituency.
  • Broughton ward would move to the Salford borough constituency

There will also be four Salford wards falling under two other local authority constituencies. These would be:

  • Little Hulton ward, Walkden North ward and Walkden South ward – would fall under Bolton South and Walkden borough constituency
  • Kersal and Broughton Park ward would fall under Bury South borough constituency

This would bring the total parliamentary constituencies that Salford is part of to four, as opposed to the current three.

Maps of the four proposed constituencies that will cover the Salford City Council area (two Salford constituencies, one Bolton and one Bury constituency) can be accessed via the downloadable PDF documents below.

This page was last updated on 15 December 2022

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