Paying invoices

We have a team dedicated to processing and paying invoices. This is the Accounts Payable Team, and is also sometimes referred to as 'Creditors' or 'Invoice Payments'.

BACS payments

BACS is the Bankers Automated Clearing System. BACS provides a quick and easy way to make payments from one bank account to another.

Advantages of BACS payments

  • Fast payments directly into your bank account
  • Payments arrive ‘cleared' - no need to wait for funds to clear

Invoice payment frequently asked questions

What are invoice payments?

Invoice payments are payments to suppliers, council sections and individuals for services or goods.

Salford City Council is responsible for the payment of invoices for all goods and services supplied to the council, including providing an invoice payment business process for Salford Community Leisure Limited and Manchester Port Health Authority. Each year around 80,000 payments are made to suppliers.

Examples include:

  • general suppliers payments - payments for provision of goods and services
  • payments to sub-contractors for the construction industry tax scheme
  • payments to care homes for social services community home payments
  • payments to council foster carers
  • payments to housing benefit landlords and tenants

In addition to payments for services, payments are made when certain entitlements are due.

For example:

  • petty cash payments
  • refunds
  • grant payments
  • rent/council tax refunds

When do we pay our invoices?

The city council pays all invoices within 30 days of receipt. In some cases Salford City Council has agreed faster contractual payment terms with suppliers. These may be seven, 14 or 21 days.

The payments start from the later of two dates: the date the invoice is received by the authority or the date that the goods or services are delivered.

Although we would like to pay every invoice within these timeframes, it may not always be possible.

Late payment may be because invoices:

  • Are sent to the wrong address
  • Do not have a purchase order reference
  • Do not show contact details of the person who placed the order
  • Have incorrect price or quantity information
  • There is dissatisfaction with the goods or services supplied

The performance of the invoice payments section is monitored strictly against the council's local value performance indicator, this ensures that the majority of invoices are paid by the authority within 30 days. Should you fail to adhere to this process or send invoices to any other location to that detailed here, the city council, under prompt payment legislation, have the right to treat the respective invoice as a dispute and would not be able to guarantee payment within terms.

Where should I send my invoice?

All invoices should be sent direct to the invoice payments team, Salford would prefer to receive all invoices by email to, but if this is not possible, please submit by post to the address below.

All invoices must quote a purchase order number, any invoices received by the council will be returned to your organisation causing unnecessary delays and additional work for both parties. Invoices should be resubmitted with the correct purchase order and the contractual payment terms will recommence on the date of receipt of the amended invoice.

All invoices must be addressed to the correct business name and submitted for payment to the invoice payments team.


An invoice raised for a purchase order from Salford Community Leisure must be addressed to Salford Community Leisure Limited and sent to:

Invoice Payments Team
Financial Services Group
Salford Civic Centre
Unity House
Chorley Road
M27 5AW

Invoices for foodstuffs and social care

The only exceptions are for foodstuffs and social care. These invoices should be supplied to the appropriate council section and not to the invoice payments team. You do not need to state the purchase order reference on these invoices.

Disputed invoices

A disputed invoice generally contains either insufficient or inaccurate information that leads to a delay in payment.

An invoice will be treated as a dispute if:

  • No purchase order has been quoted
  • The information is incorrect
  • If they have been sent to council directorates other than those specified

Disputed invoices will be returned to the supplier. The council cannot amend any details on suppliers invoices, so please check invoices thoroughly before they are sent to the council.

Can I be paid by BACS?


Invoice payment problems

Salford City Council are committed to ensuring all our suppliers receive a first class service.

There is a dedicated telephone enquiry line for queries. If you have any query about invoicing or payments, please telephone 0161 793 3343 and any member of the invoice payments team will be able to assist you.

When you contact the invoice payment team make sure you have the following information ready:

  • The council's official purchase order number beginning with 45
  • The date and location the invoice was sent
  • The invoice reference

Invoice payment schedules

The council pays invoices daily by either cheque or by BACS. The city council's preferred method of payment is by BACS.

If you have paid me in error what do I do?

If you have been paid in error it is important you contact the invoice payments team immediately on 0161 793 3343. Arrangements will also be put in place to ensure the situation does not occur again.

Can we send copy invoices?

Copy invoices can only be sent when it has been proved that the original invoice has not been received/paid by the authority. All copy invoices must be marked ‘true and authenticated copy' and be appropriately certified.

Before the council pays any copy invoice, the invoice payment team will check your payment history to make sure that duplicate payments have not been made. When we are satisfied that the invoice has not been paid and the goods or service provision has been approved, payment will be made immediately.

Please remember that posting an invoice does not guarantee that it has been received by the council. It is also important to pay attention to the council's invoicing arrangements.

Can I arrange an appointment to speak to someone?


By telephone: you can contact the invoice payment team on 0161 793 3343 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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